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About Allen Conway (President of Code 3 Training)


Code 3 Training is owned and operated by myself, Allen Conway AHA BLS Instructor. I have a very in depth experience in emergency cardiac care. I am 28 years old and have been a firefighter for over ten years and an EMT-B Defib (AED) Tech. for nine years and an Emergency Medical First Responder for several years prior to that. I have also received awards from American Red Cross for my life saving medical performance.

Most instructors have been teaching CPR for years, but have never tested their skill on anything except a training dummy (manikin). They give you lots of information about CPR but have yet to utilize their CPR knowledge in real life emergencies. This is why learning these lifesaving skills from people who have more than just classroom book knowledge, and more than just second hand information, could mean the difference between life and death. I have personally used my skills countless times and have saved numerous lives. I can explain to you not only what the book reads but also more importantly what you may experience when performing CPR.

I provide all training manikins and AED trainers. Classes are performed at your location with a minimum of four students. (less than four students will have increased prices). Evening and weekend classes are also available at no additional charge.

I have instructed everybody from elementary school kids, boy scouts, teachers, new parents, nurses, coaches, firefighters, EMT’s, to the elderly. There is truly no one that would not benefit from these classes. Statistics say that the chance of you witnessing a friend or family member collapse from sudden cardiac arrest is very high. That makes you the difference of life and death of a loved one in your life.

I believe that my prices are very fair for the amount of information that you will walk away with. Prices also include your cards which are valid for two years from AHA.

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