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**NEW** Fire Extinguisher Training classes and Safe Sitter Baby Sitter Training Classes


Code 3 Training is devoted to increasing the amount of quality emergency medical information that is taught to both emergency responders and the public. We are also devoted to providing this training at an affordable price.

Code 3 Training’s lead instructor is Allen Conway. Allen has been a Firefighter EMT-B Defib. Tech. for over 10 years. Most instructors have been teaching CPR for years, but have never tested their skill on anything except a training dummy (manikin). They give you lots of information about CPR but have yet to utilize their CPR knowledge in real life emergencies. His experience inside the classroom and in emergency situations make him an extraordinarily good instructor. Mr. Conway has won awards from the American Red Cross for his lifesaving skills. Please visit our client TESTIMONIALS page for more information.

Code 3 Training knows that you have many options when it comes to onsite First Aid & CPR classes. However, we feel that our company provides some vast advantages over many other companies. Code 3 Training classes are provided by instructors that have a wide range of experience and knowledge both in the classroom and in the real world. We have used our skills in real life or death situations. There is a lot to be said for real life emergency experience rather than reading it out of a book.

  We provide the highest quality, personally specialized training in the business.  Code 3 Training instructors work diligently to keep all their training up-to-date, informative, engaging, and specific to individual clients needs.

Code 3 Training provides fun, low stress classes. We want each student to feel comfortable in our classes. It has been proven that students who learn in a low stress environment retain far more information.  With life and death training the more information that you can retain the better.

Code 3 Training has classes that are offered for all age groups, expecting mothers, military, law enforcement, fire fighters, teachers, life Guards, boy scouts,…… You guessed it, Everybody!!! 

All Classes are taught with the latest technology and information. Manikins and other training materials are also provided.

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